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Not Bad for a Girl

“Whip-smart and hilarious”

-Publisher’s Weekly

"A blend of comedy and heart."


Not Bad for a Girl is now out! Find ​it wherever books are sold.

A starred review from Publishers Weekly for NOT BAD FOR A GIRL

“A female programmer goes along with her new boss’s misconception that she’s a man in this whip-smart and hilarious rom-com from Ryan (You Should Smile More). After Indiana “Ana” Aaron voices her opinion about being passed over for a promotion in favor of a less capable male programmer at Denver’s Apollo IT, she’s punished by being transferred to work remotely for the company’s New York team. Her new boss, Melvin Hammer, assumes she’s a man, leading her to receive “the most respect I’d ever gotten for my work,” though Melvin still frequently takes credit for her work. When Melvin announces a surprise visit to Denver, Ana’s in-the-know work friends scramble to cover for her, making up increasingly ludicrous lies as to why she can’t meet in person. Among those Ana has confided in is Shane Dalton, the company’s number cruncher and Melvin’s “babysitter” while he’s in Colorado. Ana’s budding relationship with the dreamy Shane is a sweet counterpoint to the professional chaos and her efforts to receive credit for her work on a new app. The story moves at breakneck pace, interspersing laugh out loud moments with pointed commentary about women’s professional struggles in male-dominated fields. Readers will cheer for Ana to get both the promotion and the guy. “

What YOU SHOULD SMILE MORE is about...

Telemarketer Vanessa Blair isn't in love with her job. It pays the bills and feeds her foster kittens, but offers only one other perk: her friendships with Jane Delaney and Trisha Lam. But, as mind-numbing as her job is, things are about to get worse. Xavier Adams, her self-absorbed boss, calls Vanessa into the conference room and fires her. The reason? Her facial expressions. Apparently, she has resting bitch face, and it doesn't matter that her sales numbers are stellar or that she organizes office events.

After a girls' night of schnapps and imaginary retribution, Vanessa awakens to find her friends bent on a revenge strategy based on the classic business book The Art of War by Sun Tzu. At first, Vanessa wants nothing to do with it. She wants to file for unemployment and move on with her life, possibly with Carter Beckett, the cute, cat-loving unemployment rep assigned to her case. But when Xavier contests her unemployment and ruins her shot at her dream job, Vanessa is all in...

Podcast News

I had the honor of speakinng with Heather and Stephanie of the READING SIRENS podcast from COMIC CON RADIO about NOT BAD FOR A GIRL. It was so much fun, and we delved into all the different themes in the book. I hope you’ll give it a listen!

Praise for You Should Smile More

"A quirky coming-of-age tale and sweet romance...Great for readers who want a happily-ever-after with a cozy twist." -Library Journal

"Ryan paints an ode to RBF owners and anyone slighted by a male boss ― you'll be rooting for her the whole way." ― Buzzfeed

"A fun and original workplace revenge fantasy, filled with kittens, glitter bombs, and friendship." -Booklist

"One part 9 to 5, one part romantic comedy, You Should Smile More is a funny, delightful romp about sweet revenge and even sweeter friendship.' -Lisa Fernandes All About Romance

"You Should Smile More is for those who haven't stopped listening to "Vigilante S**t" by Taylor Swift, those who secretly fantasize about quitting their job, or lastly, those who just want to be appreciated for the work they're doing. If any of those categories apply to you...You Should Smile More needs to be added to your TBR." -Rebecca Mills, Culturess

"Reminiscent of The Office and 9 to 5, Ryan's debut is a slapstick blend of comedy and heart, with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments and strong female heroines." ― Kirkus

"Revenge is a dish best served with lots of glitter in this fun workplace comedy.... Anastasia Ryan's debut novel is packed with laugh-out-loud moments and eccentric supporting characters...You Should Smile More is a riotous romp about what happens when a toxic office culture finally goes too far." -- Apple Books

About the Author

Anastasia writes about what she loves best: revenge, coffee, and cats. She has several useless degrees and fills her time listening to True Crime podcasts. You Should Smile More is her first novel, focusing on what happens when your resting bitch face is wide work.

Not Bad for a Girl is her second novel, a thoughtfully funny look at how gender and perception can change the way someone is treated at work and in their personal lives. Chaos ensues.

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